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Giving Back

Giving back is not a matter of size - it is a matter of awareness.

WyeTree's management and staff are conscious that everyone's help is needed to try to make an impact towards society by supporting various charities and non-profit organisations. Here are the ones we have been involved with so far:


We are proud to have been chosen to be part of the Battle Against Cancer Investment Trust (BACIT) project. This is an investment vehicle where WyeTree is one of a number of select managers who forfeit management and performance fees. This in turn allows BACIT to make an annual charitable donation of 1% of NAV to the Institute of Cancer Research and the BACIT Foundation.

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Skiing with Heroes

Skiing with Heroes is an adaptive skiing charity helping wounded ex-soldiers back into employment. This truly worthy cause focuses on injured veterans to ensure they are not forgotten. The skiing part helps rebuild confidence and reinstall a sense of fun, whilst the sustainable element of their work is helping these veterans back into employment.

In January 2015, WyeTree participated in 'The Business Challenge' organised by SWH to help raise for the cause.

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Action Medical Research

Action Medical Research is a charity that funds medical research to beat the diseases that devastate the lives of so many children. This is a cause that we have donated to.

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A charity providing week long respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the UK. CHICKS supports children from a variety of backgrounds, such as those living in poverty, being neglected or abused or even children who are full time young carers. This is a cause that we have donated to.

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